How it works.

Our model is simple yet profound. We engage young and old communities in NYC through multimedia stories. Follow our steps and learn more. 



The Grandparents StoryLab creates podcasts with grandparents in the community and we equip children with the audio skills to interview their own grandparents or elders in their community.Listen to an excerpt of Gloria's story. 



We engage the imagination of children, by asking them to draw the stories they have been listening to. This a key way we facilitate dialogue and artistic expression between generations.




Become a part of creating beautiful stories. Click the link below to find out how your donation builds community in NYC. 


We run workshops in partnership with community organisation such as IndyKids, a social justice news source created by kids. A grandparent is invited to join a workshop and be interviewed by the kids. This is then edited into a sound rich podcast by our audio producers.