Our Vision

Telling stories and reimagining lives. Connecting generations.  


More than 1.1 million New Yorkers are over 65 years old. Many of these seniors live by themselves; they are quasi invisible to newcomers and children born in the city. The social isolation takes a severe toll: Lonely seniors are more likely to develop depression and dementia, and they are at higher risk for being institutionalized.

We hope to mitigate the sense of invisibility and loneliness that many seniors experience by tapping into an incredibly valuable resource the City has to offer: the 1.8 million children living here.

Seniors have a wealth of life experience, and they have contributed to making the City what it is today. We envision creating a connection between New York City's youngest and oldest generation: Seniors will share stories from their life, and children will reimagine these stories by sketching or drawing them. Stories and illustrations will be made accessible to all of us through a multimedia series.

Out of the stories told by the seniors and the artwork created by the children, we will produce a podcast and a book. Following the pilot evaluation, we envision creating an app that allows kids to interview and reimagine their own grandparents and elderly neighbors.